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I am stay-at-home wife and mother and I am beyond happy that I can make money doing what I love! I am married to the most wonderful man alive, Lukas, who is the brains behind my website. I couldn't have done it without him AND my friend Alisa who helped me launch everything. :) This site is my little love, no joke.

I bet you are wondering how it all started...well I'll tell ya. Around Christmastime of '08 (a few months after I got intrigued by the blogging world) I was looking for a cute Christmas background since I noticed most people had Christmas ones. I couldn't really find any that I thought were reeeally cute and my style. I then decided to figure out how to make my own backgrounds. I made a few Christmas backgrounds and kind of got addicted to making them after that. I just started making backgrounds for fun, but nobody ever saw them since I had no website to display them on. When I had about 150 backgrounds we decided that we should make a website where people could use them for free. Well, we did...and now it is the lovely site you are at now. ;) Jolly eh? I surely think so.

I make these backgrounds for your enjoyment...so do me a favor and ENJOY!

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To finish installing, follow these steps:

  1. Go to blogger.com and login
  2. Click on the Layout (or Design) tab
  3. Click on Add a Gadget
  4. Find the one called HTML/JavaScript and click it
  5. Under Content, paste the code (it has already been copied!)
  6. Click Save

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