About HBB

The Family

I am single mama of the three most amazing humans on the planet I am beyond happy that I have been able to stay home with them and work from there.

Back in 2008 I began starting to design blog backgrounds and by 2009 I had launched this site so that all of you wonderful humans could enjoy the designs for free. Since then I've started offering Custom Blog Orders and have gotten to work with the most amazing people to create a space for them to show what they love to the world through their blog. I offer these Custom Designs at a very afforable price so that you all can have the blog you're proud of as you showcase your passions.

Since then I have also been able to so freelance web and graphic design work and photography for many different clients and I offer these services on my website caseyolsondesigns.com!

I make these designs for your enjoyment...so do me a favor and ENJOY!

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To finish installing, follow these steps:

  1. Go to blogger.com and login
  2. Click on the Layout (or Design) tab
  3. Click on Add a Gadget
  4. Find the one called HTML/JavaScript and click it
  5. Under Content, paste the code (it has already been copied!)
  6. Click Save

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